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In this evidence base you can find relevant research and reports that are at the base of the work of Free Press Unlimited. Use the search filters to find what you need, or use “SEARCH” in the top menu.

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Source Year Country Organisation Author
Reinventing the Business Model for Local Newspapers by Building Walls 2018 Norway Olsen, R.K. and Solvoll M.K.
Men in 14 countries stand up for women in the media 2018 Global Free Press Unlimited
Assessing the freedom of expression of Syrian refugee media outlets 2018 Syria University of Leicester Assaf, M.J.
Daphne Caruana Galizia: Malta’s ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’ 2018 Malta Free Press Unlimited
A New Wave of Censorship: Distributed Attacks on Expression and Press Freedom 2018 Bahrain, Philippines, Turkey, Ukraine Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) Arnaudo, D.
Digital Monetization for Publishers: New Ways to Capture Consumer Revenue 2018 Global The Associated Press (AP) Nakashima, R. and Cai, A.
Internal Evaluation Nepal Country Programme 2018 Nepal Free Press Unlimited Schoot Uiterkamp, T.
Inflection Point. Impact, Threats and Sustainability: A Study of Latin American Digital Media Entrepreneurs 2018 Latin America SembraMedia
Attacks and Harassment: The Impact on Female Journalists and Their Reporting 2018 Global International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Ferrier, M.
Women Journalists and Freedom of Expression: Discrimination and gender-based violence faced by women journalists in the exercise of their profession 2018 Americas Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Lanza, E.
The murder of Ján Kuciak and freedom of the press in Slovakia 2018 Slovakia Free Press Unlimited
Internal Evaluation Somalia Country Programme (Pilot) 2018 Somalia Free Press Unlimited Pavicic, M.