Pluralism in a Hybrid Media Environment from the User Perspective

User data collected by online platforms are fed into search and recommendation algorithms. This leads to selective exposure and personalised media use ‘to such an extent that it is almost unlikely that two people using the same search term get the same results.’ According to the author, ‘at the same time, new and old media and communication forms interrelate and give a way to entire “hybrid media system”, in which the logic of traditional media blends with the logic of interactive modes of communication'[…] Patterns of media consumption and news use are being irreversibly changed, while selection of and access to trustworthy and comprehensive news very much depends on motivation, competences and attention of media users.’  The paper provides a review of the literature examining changing patterns of news consumption and exposure and its effect on news pluralism and related policy considerations at the EU and national levels.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2019 Europe Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom Klimkiewicz, B. academic paper
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 1, Intermediate Outcome 2 exposure diversity, media ownership, regulation, transparency Download/link