Hostile Bytes; A study of online violence against women journalists

This research seeks to understand the extent of online harassment that women journalists face, its impact on the mental health, professional advancement and personal lives of women journalists. It also seeks to understand online violence through a gendered perspective and explored the coping strategies employed by women journalists. The research is based on quantitative data collected through an online survey, taken by 110 practicing women journalists from across Pakistan, and qualitative data collated from nine women journalists who are frequent users of social media.

Overall, the research findings indicate that a significant majority of women journalists do not only face online violence, but it also has a direct impact on their personal and professional life. There was a clear consensus among respondents that women journalists face harassment in a different and more personal way than their male counterparts, and that women journalists who are vocal online remain more vulnerable.

Author: Hija Kamran

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2019 Pakistan Media Matters for Democracy Kamran, H. research report
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Intermediate Outcome 3 online harassment, online violence, women journalists Download/link