Networks and coalitions

Free Press Unlimited takes part in a number of international networks, coalitions and platforms, the activities the activities of which contribute to the support of press freedom and the protection of journalists.

Journalists in Distress (JID) Network

Established in: 2006
Member organisations: 20
The Journalists in Distress (JID) Network is comprised of organisations that provide direct assistance to journalists and media workers whose lives or careers are threatened because of their work. The network was established in order to allow member organisations with freedom of expression mandates to more easily share information, coordinate joint efforts, and avoid duplication. All the member organisations have their own mandate and criteria for emergency assistance. Free Press Unlimited works together with the member organisations of the JID Network within the framework of Reporters Respond: together, they verify and discuss cases, coordinate joints efforts and aim to find sustainable solutions where possible.

ACOS (A Culture of Safety) Alliance

Established in: 2015
Signatory organisations: 115+
The A Culture of Safety (ACOS) Alliance is a coalition of news organisations, freelance journalist associations and press freedom NGOs working together to champion safe and responsible journalistic practices for freelance and local journalists worldwide.The alliance implements practical safety initiatives, such as trainings, workshops and resources, that help newsrooms and freelance journalists embed a culture of safety within their everyday working practices and meet the standards outlined in the Freelance Journalist Safety Principles. ACOS also facilitates  cross-industry dialogue and collaboration to extend the impact of everyone’s work around safety and advance a culture of safety within journalism worldwide.

International Civil Society Coalition on the Safety of Journalists

Established in: 2017
Member organisations: 26
In 2017 Free Press Unlimited coordinated the launch of the International Civil Society Coalition on the Safety of Journalists. This coalition is composed of 26 organisations from all over the globe committed to the promotion of the safety of journalists. The coalition believes that more coordination and strategic thinking are needed to make progress in this area. The aims of the coalition are to improve their coordination on the ground, and to identify opportunities for joint advocacy on an international level. In July 2019 the coalition drafted a joint statement at the Global Media Freedom Conference in London. This statement calls on states to ensure the protection and safety of all journalists and media workers in compliance with existing obligations and international standards, and to this end includes 11 recommended commitments.

Safety of Journalists Platform of the Council of Europe

Established in: 2015
Member organisations: 14
The Safety of Journalists Platform of the Council of Europe is a public space to facilitate the compilation, processing and dissemination of information on serious concerns about media freedom and safety of journalists in Council of Europe member states. It aims to improve the protection of journalists, better address threats and violence against media professionals and foster early warning mechanisms and capacity within the Council of Europe. The platform also publishes an annual report assessing the situation of media freedom in Europe.

Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)

Established in: 2003
Member organisations: 177
The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) is an international association that supports the training and sharing of information among investigative and data journalists – even in repressive regimes and marginalised communities. Its membership is open to nonprofits, NGOs and educational organisations that are active investigative reporting and data journalism. The organisation’s projects include a help desk to provide investigative journalists with advice and assistance, a resource center with tips, tools, and manuals, and large training conferences which are held every two years.

Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)

Established in: 2005
Member organisations: ± 200
The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) is a network of journalism support and media assistance groups. Its core value is to support the creation and strengthening of journalism and free, independent, sustainable and pluralistic new ecosystems, as defined by the declarations of UNESCO at conferences in Windhoek, Almaty, Santiago de Chile, Sana’a and Sofia. Its main focus is to ensure proper collaboration as well as an exchange of information and experience among its members with a view to creating a strong, independent and pluralistic media environment, which contributes to the development of empowered societies.


Established in: 1992
Member organisations: > 100
IFEX is a global network of organisations that is connected by a shared commitment to defend and promote freedom of expression as a fundamental human right. The network members work together to draw the world’s attention to free expression through the strategic use of new media and mobile technologies and by participating in joint advocacy campaigns and capacity building programmes. IFEX advocates for the free expression rights of all, including media workers, citizen journalists, activists, artists and scholars.