Four pillars of safety

Free Press Unlimited directs its efforts to address safety along four different pillars, being emergency response, capacity development, tools and resources, and lobby and advocacy.

A team reporting the news in Somaliland
Credit: Paul Enkelaar

Support to journalists in distress

By providing support to journalists in distress, they can get back to work as soon as possible. This will guarantee the continuity of journalistic work, especially in volatile and repressive environments. Free Press Unlimited supports journalists in distress through Reporters Respond and the Legal Defense Fund.

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Warzone safety training in Erbil, Iraq
Credit: Juan Carlos

Capacity development

Developing the capacity of media professionals by providing both online and offline training and coaching and fostering knowledge exchanges will contribute to a more sustainable and resilient media environment.

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Tools and resources

Without knowledge on how to better protect themselves, journalists remain vulnerable. Therefore, Free Press Unlimited seeks to contribute to the development and dissemination of safety tools and resources for journalists who work in challenging environments.

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Free Press Live 2018
Credit: Menno Ebbes

Campaigning and advocacy

By initiating, shaping and actively participating in the dialogue around media safety, Free Press Unlimited aims to contribute to a safe media environment, both locally and internationally.

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