Support by other organisations

This page contains an overview of different types of support that organisations offer to journalists, human rights defenders (HRDs), civil society organisations (CSOs), and a variety of other actors who may be at risk as a direct result of their work. The type of support that is available may range from financial support, to legal advice, to temporary shelter.

OrganisationSupportTarget group
Freedom HouseEmergency Asisstance Programme
Financial support for a.o.
  • legal defense;
  • medical treatment;
  • replacement of damaged equipment;
  • relocation
HRDs, CSOs, survivors of religious persecution
Human Rights WatchHellman-Hammett Grants
Financial support (1000-10,000 USD) for a.o.
  • writers who have an urgent need to leave their country;
  • writers who need immediate medical treatment after serving prison terms or enduring torture;
  • writers who have been victims of political persecution
Writers who have been victims of political persecution
Front Line DefendersProtection Grants Programme
Financial support (up to 7500 EUR) for
  • improving physical security of an organisation or individual, digital security and communication security;
  • supporting legal fees for HRDs who are being judicially harassed;
  • paying for medical fees for HRDs who have been attacked or who have suffered a medical condition as a result of their peaceful human rights activities;
  • providing family assistance for imprisoned HRDs or family members who are at risk because of a HRD’s activities
HRDs and human rights organisations
Freedom House & Front Line DefendersCSO Lifeline
Financial support for a.o.
  • security;
  • medical expenses;
  • legal representation;
  • prison visits;
  • trial monitoring;
  • temporary relocation;
  • equipment replacement;
  • other urgently needed expenses
Established CSOs (can be either an NGO, journalist association, network organisation, community-based organisation, student group, labour union, think tank etc.) that are threatened as a result of their human rights activities
International Federation of JournalistsSafety Fund
Financial support for a.o.
  • forced exile due to threats at home;
  • litigation needing help with legal fees;
  • medical expenses for injured journalists;
  • travel costs to cover journeys to safety
Journalists at risk as a direct result of their work
Rory Peck TrustAssistance Grants
Financial support for
  • medical and rehabilitation costs;
  • emergency subsistence;
  • legal advice;
  • relocation costs
Freelance journalists and their families in crisis as a direct result of their work
Committee to Protect JournalistsGene Roberts Emergency Fund
Financial support
Journalists at risk as a direct result of their work
Reporters Without BordersFinancial and Administrative Assistance
Financial and administrative support for a.o.
  • medical care;
  • legal fees;
  • safe refuge
  • resolution of most urgent needs;
  • aid of families of journalists
Professional journalists and citizen journalists who have been the victims of reprisals as a direct result of their work
International Media SupportSafety Fund
Short-term (< 6 months) financial support for the immediate needs of the individual or his/her close relatives
Journalists at risk as a direct result of their work
DefendDefendersEmergency Assistance for Human Rights DefendersHRDs in the East and Horn of Africa (i.e. Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda)
European Centre for Press and Media FreedomECPMF Helpdesk
  • Guidance and practical support for journalists at risk;
  • scholarship up to EUR 3000
  • trauma therapy
  • legal support for asylum procedures
  • trainings related to digital security, digital self-defence, secure communication, multimedia journalism, mobile journalism, access to information etc.;
  • financing of security precautions, e.g. security guards to protect newsrooms for a certain period of time
Media professionals across Europe; exiled journalists in Germany
Canadian Journalists for Free ExpressionJournalists in Distress Programme
Financial support (500-1500 CAD) for
  • legal fees when journalists are detained;
  • medical expenses when journalists are caught in the line of fire or traumatized by their coverage;
  • transportation costs to flee a dangerous situation;
  • financial support for the families of journalists who have been killed or imprisoned;
  • resettlement costs within first year of arriving in a final safe country
Journalists at risk as a direct result of their work
European Centre for Press and Media FreedomLegal Support
  • General guidance;
  • access to legal advice on relevant law and strategy;
  • external assistance (for example in submitting a case to court, watching briefs, oral advocacy)
  • access to expertise in policy and law making;
  • engagement in national or international litigation (directly or indirectly)
Journalists and media organisations who are facing threats in European countries
International Women’s Media FoundationEmergency Fund
Financial support for
  • small grants for psychological and medical care for incidents directly related to threats and crises caused by one’s work as a journalists;
  • three months of temporary relocation assistance in the event of crisis or threat;
  • legal aid to counter threats of imprisonment or censorship
  • non-financial assistance in the form of information about additional access to resources
Female journalists at risk as a direct result of their work
Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human RightsRapid Response Grants
Financial support (up to 8000 USD), for use within 3 months
Women and trans HRDs at risk as as direct result of their work
PEN InternationalPEN Emergency Fund
Financial support (up to 1250 EUR) for a.o.
  • safe passage;
  • medical assistance;
  • general support towards living expenses
Writers who have been persecuted and are in acute financial need
FIDH – Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights DefendersEmergency Grants
Financial support for
  • physical security;
  • digital security;
  • communications;
  • capacity building in security;
  • secure transportation;
  • legal support;
  • medical support (including psycho-social support and rehabilitation)
  • humanitarian assistance (including family support);
  • urgent relocation;
  • urgent monitoring, reporting or advocacy
HRDs or organisations at risk as a direct result of their work
Civil Rights DefendersEmergency Support for Human Rights Defenders
Financial support (up to 6000 EUR) for
  • emergency needs, e.g. settling legal fees after an arrest or court proceedings; supporting an incarcerated HRD or their close family; emergency relocation; going underground; support to seek international protection
  • For preventive security needs, e.g. physical security measures like CCTV cameras, security doors or assault alarms; security training; digital security measures; professional assessment and consultation
An individual HRD, or an organisation defending human rights (in East Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America)
SalamaTech – SyriaEmergency Tech Support and Digital Safety Awareness
  • Securing online accounts;
  • coping with malware;
  • reinstating social media accounts;
  • digital safety awareness
Syrian non-violent actors
International Women’s Media Foundation & Senior Lawyers ProjectPro-Bono Legal Support
Pro bono legal advice, particularly around contracts
Female staff reporters and freelance journalists
Media Legal Defence InitiativeLegal Support
Legal defence and remedies for journalist
Journalists, bloggers and media outlets against whom legal cases have been brought as a direct result of their work
Society of Professional Journalists & National Freedom of InformationLegal Defense Fund
Legal or direct financial assistance
  • to aid journalists in defending the freedom of speech and press;
  • to initiate and support litigation that enforces public access to government records and proceedings
Journalists in the United States
Justice and PeaceShelter City
Temporary refuge in one of the Shelter Cities (max. three months)
HRDs (including journalists) who are facing serious threats
Maison des JournalistesTemporary Shelter
  • Housing, meals and transportation (max. 6 months) in Paris;
  • administrative, legal and social assistance;
  • French language classes;
  • education
Journalists who have been forced to flee their countries because of persecution relating to their line of work
SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural FreedomTemporary Shelter
Shelter for approx. three months, with the possibility of a three month extension
Journalists from the Arab League (excluding Syria and Palestine)