Reselling Content

Reselling Content: Turning editorial content into saleable and scaleable products

This webinar took place on December 14, with Laura Daicz, manager of Mutante (Colombia), and Paula Miraglia, CEO of Nexo Jornal (Brazil).

At the heart of the conversation was the message to keep true to the mission of the medium while reselling content.

Key take-aways:
Market research: make sure you understand what you can offer in addition to what is already out there, do not offer something others already do. Match what you offer with your brand.
Mission: people support you because of your reputation. It can help to connect your medium to another ‘cause’ – for Nexo this was established by ensuring that support for Nexo also meant support
for Brazilian students.
Complementary expertise: partner with businesses that have expertise that is outside your mission. Make sure that they can sell what you offer. This way you can focus on your content. The margins might
become smaller with an external partner, but the scale can become much bigger.
Don’t adjust: if you need to adjust your content to resell it, it is not worth it. Develop the content you see fit, and search for another opportunity to resell it unedited.