(Native) Advertising by Niche Media

This webinar took place on December 7 with Devi Asmarani, founder and editor-in-chief of Magdalene (Indonesia), and Japleen Pasricha, founder and CEO of Feminism in India (India).

In this webinar the media houses – which both develop content from a feminist perspective – interviewed each other about their business model.

Key take-aways:
Reputation and branding is very important, especially if you are a niche platform. This requires a balance. On the one hand, a paying customer needs to be willing to be associated with your reputation and brand (in this case being a feminist platform). On the other hand, the customer’s business and message needs to be in line with your editorial policies.
Brand collaborations work well: to develop campaigns and content for companies rooted in a message that the medium itself also supports.
Widen appeal: even as a niche medium with a clear brand you can widen the appeal of your medium. Send out the message that your medium can provide a service. Focus on engagement, develop content from the perspective of constructive journalism.
Experiment with new ideas: such as events and sponsorships, or a job board where employers pay for advertisements.