Business Model

A business model describes how a business creates value and consists of nine building blocks:

  1. Customer value proposition
  2. Customer segments
  3. Channels
  4. Customer relationships
  5. Revenue streams
  6. Key resources
  7. Key partners
  8. Key activities
  9. Cost structure

All of these building blocks are connected to each other; this means that if there is a change in one of these blocks, there also needs to be a change in (most of) the other building blocks. The elements of the business model that most inform the model in its entirety relate to the customer, or in the case of media business, the audience. Much is written about the relationship with the audience, and how important this is for media businesses. In addition, there is quite some information available on the revenue streams of media. Information on both topics is further explored in this section. In the support section of this resource guide, there is further information on how to work on business model development.