Fact Checking as a Business Model

This webinar took place on January 26, with Laura Zommer, the Executive Director of Chequeado (Argentina), and Layal Bahnam, Programme Manager at Maharat News (Lebanon).

In this exchange Laura and Layal discussed best practices of fact-checking, the role of fact-checking in fighting disinformation, and creating a business model that benefits from fact-checking content.

Key take-aways:

Check diverse sources: as a fact-checking media house, fact-check all round and do not focus on government institutions or political figures only. Disinformation is wide spread, and fact-checking gives you a reliable reputation.
Diversify funding of the media house, also among the grant funders. This way, you do not become dependent on one funder.
Diverse skills: do not create a team of journalists alone. You need a diversified team with different profiles. Set your priorities annually. You might for example decide to focus on innovation, and hire someone who is more experienced in this.
• Invest in marketing. Building a reputation is key. Try to find an agency that wants to contribute
pro bono to creating your brand and a campaign. You always have something to give in return.
Cooperation. Once you have build a solid reputation: approach mainstream media and tech companies or platforms. When you have become a reliable fact-checker, they will want to work with you.