Toolkits and guides

Business Development Toolkits

Business development follows a very similar process for media and non-media alike. This also means that there are many different sites with tools and toolkits available for media outlets seeking to take their business development to the next level.

General business development tools

There are three main sites with tools, many of them available to download for free:

Media Specific Toolkits (general business development)

  • Local News Labs has published different guides, including on the use of events, and on developing a crowdfunding campaign.
  • See also ‘A Useful Guide for News Organisations Assessing Revenue-Making Opportunities in Small Teams: Learn from Bureau Local’s Seven-Step Business Development Process’. This guide, developed by the European Journalism Centre in collaboration with Bureau Local (in the UK), aims to support community-driven news organisations in their efforts to become more resilient. (Ben Whitelaw, 2019)
  • Practical Guide to to Product Management in Digital Media
  • Full toolkit for media: Google News Initiative Playbook

Setting Up Specific Revenue Streams
(Guides and Toolkits)

Gaining Insight in Your Audience
(Tools, Guides and Toolkits)

New Formats and Channels
(Guides and Toolkits)