Investigations and Impact

Investigative journalism has the potential to bring about powerful societal impact, therefore compelling power holders to become accountable. However, this process is anything but linear. To create this content, journalists need access to sources and to spend significant time investigating an issue. Additionally, it is never guaranteed that an investigation will have societal impact, and if it does, it is difficult to assess.

This section expands on existing approaches to support journalists and media outlets in conducting journalistic investigations, and suggests methods of tracking and techniques for increasing investigative impact.

In the following pages we aim to breakdown all these methods and techniques to equip journalists with a clearer overview of how their investigations can bring about impact and be tracked in the long run, so that individual investigations can contribute to the emergence of a culture of accountability.

Impact tracking

Knowing when media impact starts and stops is a challenge, especially if you’re monitoring or evaluating the impact of your own investigation. Explore this page for general impact tracking tips and tricks, advice on when to hand over the tracking to external parties and why tracking impact is so important for citizens and journalists alike.

Whistleblower platforms

Learn about the essential roles whistleblowers play in fostering accountability as well as best journalistic practices for safely working with whistleblowers. Get acquainted with the advantages of ‘leaks platforms’ and check out some platforms Free Press Unlimited has helped establish.

Right to Information

This page is a must-read for anyone planning on filing an information request. Understand how the right to information is threatened and how this affects greater accountability in society. You can also discover key resources/tools for submitting requests and exercising your right to information.

Relevant networks

Here we list some of the key investigative journalist networks that you could learn from and get involved with. See summaries of their key activities, latest resources and connections with Free Press Unlimited.