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In this evidence base you can find relevant research and reports that are at the base of the work of Free Press Unlimited.

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Source Year Country Author Type
Freedom and Accountability: A Transatlantic Framework for Moderating Speech Online 2020 Global Transatlantic High Level Working Group on Content Moderation Online and Freedom of Expression policy recommendations
Local Radio Stations in Africa Prove Resilient Amid COVID-19 2020 Uganda, Zimbabwe Myers, M. et al. case study/ies
Media Influence Matrix Georgia 2020 Georgia Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) media landscape assessment, report, research report
Experiencing ‘New Normal’: Exploring Digital Media Usage of Dhaka Dwellers in the Lockdown Period 2020 Bangladesh South Asia Center for Media in Development (SACMID) academic paper
Good for business or the right thing to do? – Motivations and strategies of media managers to promote gender equality in the workplace 2020 Global Free Press Unlimited research report
Safety of Journalists and the Fighting of Corruption in the EU 2020 Denmark, Europe, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden McGonagle, T. et al. policy recommendations, research report
The 5050 Project Impact Report 2020 2020 United Kingdom BBC report
Impact of COVID-19 on Journalism in Nepal 2020 Nepal Nepal Press Institute (NPI) report
What Online Harassment Tells Us About Our Newsrooms: From Individuals to Institutions 2020 United States of America Women's Media Centre report
If He Can See It, Will He Be It? Representations of Masculinity in Boys’ Television 2020 Global Promundo, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Kering Foundation research report
Crisis and Opportunity: How Independent Media Can Learn from the Pandemic 2020 Global Open Society Foundations report
Radio Journalism and Women’s Empowerment in Niger 2020 Niger Heywood, E. academic article