A White Paper on Youth and Media

This report discusses the main obstacles journalists face, particularly with regards to targeting youth, and offers up to date information about youth media habits, as well as how youth perceive new traditional media.

Extensive research has been done to inform on the subject, including an academic literature review, research reports and direct live feedback from a series of focus groups with members of young audiences organized by Free Press Unlimited in 2022.

This paper is guided by an analysis of how different media outlets (international, regional and Syrian) operate on social media platforms and which sections and programs specifically target youth; it includes interviews with Syrian journalists and a content analysis of whether and how Syrian independent media cover and portray youth in the media.

A White Paper on Youth and Media was produced under Free Press Unlimited’s 2022 Syria Program “Cohesion through Independent and Inclusive Media (CIIM)”, which focuses on youth as media users, consumers and producers.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2022 Syria Free Press Unlimited (FPU) Free Press Unlimited (FPU) report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2 media habits, social media platforms, Syrian independent media, youth Download/link