Right to Access to Information

The right to access to information is the right of individuals to have access to information and documents held by public authorities related to the management of public affairs, regardless of the status of the individual and the purpose for obtaining the information. According to FOIAnet (an international information-sharing network of organizations and individuals working to promote the right of access to information), there currently are over 100 countries with Freedom of Information or Right to Information laws.


  • The Global Forum for Media Development has created an overview of resources, updates and actors related to Public Access to Information and SDG16.10
  • On the website rti-rating.org, one can find the Global Right to Information Rating Map, which ‘measures the strength of the legal framework for the right to access information held by public authorities’.
  • The website Right2Info contains information on the constitutional and legal framework of over 80 countries.
  • FOIAnet’s resource page contains multiple publications, training materials and model laws related to the right of access to information