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Source Year Country Organisation Author
Mama Radio decreases security incidents in DR Congo 2017 Democratic Republic of Congo Free Press Unlimited
The Noken Women of Jayapura 2017 Indonesia Free Press Unlimited
Citizen journalism as a tool to bring stories from refugees 2017 Iraq Free Press Unlimited
Gender in Myanmar News 2017 Myanmar Myanmar Womens Journalist Society (MWJS), International Media Support, Fojo Media Institute Swindon, E.
Iraqi women present dissenting views online 2017 Iraq Free Press Unlimited
Beyond the Stereotypes? Images of Boys and Girls, and their Consequences 2017 Global Nordicom Lemish, D. and Götz, M.
Mrs. Project Evaluation 2016 Egypt, Iraq, Turkey UBORA
The Right of Access to Information: Exploring Gender Inequities 2016 Global Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Neuman, L.
Evaluation Gender Media Monitoring Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo Free Press Unlimited Douma, N.
Turn Up the Volume: Empowering Women Through Media 2016 Global BBC Media Action Casserly, J.
Global Media Monitoring Project 2015 2015 Global WACC Macharia, S.
Media and Gender in Pakistan 2015 Pakistan International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)