Gender in Myanmar News

News Content Analysis from a Gender Perspective

This landmark study sheds light on the imbalance of female and male voices in Myanmar news, covering the diversity of the current media landscape across different mediums, types of ownership, geographic regions, languages, frequencies of publication, and political affiliations.

The study shows that very little time and space is given to women as news sources and subjects in Myanmar media. Women only represent 16% of the persons heard, read about, or seen in the newspaper, television and radio. The study concludes that 1) the high proportion of male sources in news reflects the concentration of men in high-status positions in society, and 2) reporters make little effort to interrupt this systematic representation of male voices, when actually they can make a difference through their other choices of sources.

The results of the Gender in Myanmar News study aim to fill a gap in the media development process in Myanmar, and assist with building capacity among media professionals and institutions to promote gender equality in and through the media.

Author: Ellie Swindon

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2017 Myanmar Myanmar Womens Journalist Society (MWJS), International Media Support, Fojo Media Institute Swindon, E. research report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2 content monitoring, gender equality, media content Download/link