Difficulties encountered by independent media

Independent journalists play an essential and influential role in a conflict. Their reports aim at covering evidence, shedding light on the reality of the armed conflict while giving a voice to individuals, from the forgotten people of the war to the protagonist of the battlefield. However, this ambitious task does not come without its complications. The violent nature of conflict exposed journalists directly to risks. As explained by the war correspondent Marie Colvin, ‘Simply: there’s no way to cover war properly without risk. Covering a war means going to places torn by chaos, destruction, death and pain, and trying to bear witness to that.

However, journalists operating in a conflict encounter a growing number of new difficulties when performing their tasks. From censorship and direct threats to the lack of financial resources, the obstacles for journalists seem never to end while being sadly ingrained in their profession.  

Those challenges have tremendous consequences for the safety of journalists safety and their ability to exercise their profession without risking their lives. Undeniably, those important issues are an additional weight for a profession already consider extremely dangerous. However, those difficulties also constrained journalists in their possibility of investigating, ability to reports and sharing their knowledge.

Lack of safety and security

Reporting from a war zone is undeniably one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Browse this page for understanding the dangers and threats journalists face when exercising their work.

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Censorship and governmental restrictions

The section addresses the different forms censorship and governmental restrictions take in conflicts. Explore how it impacts the safety of journalists, their investigative works and the peaceful resolution of a conflict.

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Issues regarding content and coverage

For journalists, reporting objectively and in an accessible manner from a conflict zone while complying entirely with professional standards is never an easy task. Get acquainted with the challenges of conflict’s coverage and discover key resources to assist journalists.

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Difficulties of accessing the conflict zone

The absence of independent journalists and war correspondents in a conflict is a pressing issue not only for the media sector but also for the whole humanitarian aid. Find out more about the reasons behind this important phenomenon and the potential solutions to remedy this situation.

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Lack of financial resources

The section analyses how the absence of sufficient financial resources redefines the role of journalists and constrains reporters in their ability to undertake their work. It also offers some ways forward and guidelines for coming out of this crisis.

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