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In this evidence base you can find relevant research and reports that are at the base of the work of Free Press Unlimited. Use the search filters to find what you need, or use “SEARCH” in the top menu.

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Source Year Country Organisation Author
Who Owns the Media in Bangladesh? 2016 Bangladesh Centre for Governance Studies Riaz, A. , Rahman, M.S.
Fragile Finance: The Revenue Models of Oppositional News Outlets in Repressive Regimes 2016 Global Cook, C.E.
Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape 2016 Myanmar Fojo Media Institute Handunnetti, D. and Phyu Phyu Lin, N.
Studio Tamani and its contribution to the peace process in Mali 2016 Mali Institute of Applied Media Studies (IAM) Spurk, C. and Keel, G.
Supporting Journalism in Conflict Societies 2016 Egypt, Kenya, Serbia, South Africa MeCoDEM
Audience Research in Syria 2016 Syria Free Press Unlimited Melki, J.
Evaluation Gender Media Monitoring Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo Free Press Unlimited Douma, N.
Turn Up the Volume: Empowering Women Through Media 2016 Global BBC Media Action Casserly, J.
Target Gutahuka: The UN’s Strategic Information Intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo Jacob, J.U.
Resource-Based Analysis of the Survival of Independent Web-Native News Ventures 2016 United States of America Massey, B.
Infomediaries and accountability 2016 Global DFID/GSDRC Carter, B.
Final Evaluation – Somali Media: Setting standards professionalism in practice 2016 Somalia Free Press Unlimited Douma, N. and Abdilatif, M.