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Source Year Country Organisation Author
The Police Chief who Apologized on Air 2017 Democratic Republic of Congo Free Press Unlimited Brandsma, T.
Making a Difference to Communities through Emphasizing Local Voices 2017 Pakistan Tribal News Network
Not just a radio station, a social institution 2017 Indonesia Free Press Unlimited Kronenburg, R.
More and more women give colour to community radio in Bangladesh 2017 Bangladesh Free Press Unlimited Rooijen, L. and de Blocq van Schelting, J.
Can Media Interventions Reduce Gender Gaps in Political Participation after Civil War? 2017 Liberia World Bank Group Mvukiyehe, E.
Safe platform for whistleblowers in Indonesia 2017 Indonesia Free Press Unlimited
Youth and violent extremism on social media: mapping the research 2017 Global UNESCO
Mobile journalism leads to opportunities and changes in Zimbabwe 2017 Zimbabwe Free Press Unlimited
Changing Sudan by Telling the Truth 2017 Sudan Nederlands Dagblad Wilts, G.
The role of journalists in issues surrounding water, conflict and climate 2017 Global Free Press Unlimited
Journalism in the Central African Republic not without danger 2017 Central African Republic Free Press Unlimited
Children’s News Program Helps Fight Ancient Taboo 2017 Nepal Free Press Unlimited Darroch, G.