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In this evidence base you can find relevant research and reports that are at the base of the work of Free Press Unlimited. Use the search filters to find what you need, or use “SEARCH” in the top menu.

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Source Year Country Organisation Author
Doing Debate Differently: Media and Accountability 2017 Global BBC Media Action Taylor, W.
Not just a radio station, a social institution 2017 Indonesia Free Press Unlimited Kronenburg, R.
Journalism in the Central African Republic not without danger 2017 Central African Republic Free Press Unlimited Schilder, J.
Strengthening Accountability Through Media in Afghanistan 2017 Afghanistan BBC Media Action Godfrey, A.
Investigative Impact: The Role of Investigative Journalism in Fostering Change – and How to Measure It 2017 Global Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)
From the Web to the Streets: Internet and Protests under Authoritarian Regimes 2017 Tunisia Ruijgrok, K.
Strengthening accountability through media in Kenya 2017 Kenya BBC Media Action Chitty, A.
The role of independent media in curbing corruption in fragile settings 2016 Global BBC Media Action Deane, J.
Accountability, nation and society: the role of media in remaking Nepal 2016 Nepal BBC Media Action Bhandari, K. et al.
Suara Surabaya is not a radio station, it’s a social institution 2016 Indonesia Free Press Unlimited Kronenburg, R.
Infomediaries and accountability 2016 Global DFID/GSDRC Carter, B.
The Publeaks Projects 2015 Global Free Press Unlimited Oomens, M.