Strengthening Accountability Through Media in Afghanistan

The report is an evaluation of a project in Afghanistan by BBC Media Action.

The project aimed to enable more accountable, peaceful and inclusive state–society relations in Afghanistan, by providing a platform for people to question their leaders and built the profile and participation of women in public dialogue and debate.

The evaluation concludes that it was difficult to reach less educated and female audiences, but that the programmes had a positive effect on attitudes towards women’s rights to participate. The programmes contributed to raising Afghan’s knowledge on governance topics, but not all respondents were convinced that they could hold leaders to account outside of the studio setting.

Authors: Anna Godfrey, Georgina Page, Ahmad Tamim Sharifzai

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2017 Afghanistan BBC Media Action Godfrey, A. evaluation
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2 accountability, gender, governance Download/link