Webinars and courses

Last update: 3 August 2020

This page provides an overview of webinars and courses specifically on the topic of safe and responsible reporting on COVID-19.


The Role of Media in Covering the COVID-19 Outbreak Internews11 March
Disinformation Amid the Coronavirus PandemicWilson Center7 April
On Personal Protective EquipmentDupon16 April
Advice for Journalists: Addressing Traumatic Stress in the Era of COVID-19Reporters Without Borders & American Psychological Association18 April
Advice for Journalists: Addressing Traumatic Stress in the Era of COVID-19Center for International Media Assistance24 June
Reporting and COVID-19: Conversations for JournalistsDart Center for Journalism & Trauma24 March - 18 June 2020
Webinar Series for Journalists Covering COVID-19International Center for Journalists & IJNet25 March - 16 July 2020
Covering Coronavirus: A Webinar SeriesCenter for Health Journalism28 February - 22 July 2020
Investigating the Pandemic
In various languages

Global Investigative Journalism Network2 April - 30 July 2020


Journalism in a Pandemic: Covering COVID-19 Now and in the Future Knight Center, World Health Organisation & UNESCO4- 31 May
Reporting on COVID-19
In English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Russian

Modules on safety, content creation, and verification
Thomson FoundationSelf-paced
Covering Coronavirus: An Online Course for Journalists
First DraftSelf-paced