Final Evaluation – Strengthening Community Radio’s in Bangladesh

A final evaluation of an FPU project (funded by the EU) with community radio network umbrella organisation, BNNRC, in Bangladesh focusing on strengthening community radio by working towards creating an enabling environment for media and ensuring their watchdog role. The outcomes were:

1) an increase in quality content (program) production on issues of development and poverty reduction including women rights, health, land rights, good governance, right to access to information, fight against corruption, and education;

2) advocacy and awareness raising on the importance of community radio for inclusion of weak and marginalized groups and promotion of the Right to Information (access to information) as a vehicle to fight corruption;

3) facilitation of dialogue between communities, local and national governments strengthen transparency, accountability and good governance; and

4) strengthening community radio sustainability in Bangladesh.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2015 Bangladesh Free Press Unlimited Sen, A. evaluation
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 1, Intermediate Outcome 2, Intermediate Outcome 3 community radio, marginalized Download/link

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