Measuring News Media Sustainability: Towards a Global Barometer

The Media Sustainability Barometer is a quantitative index offered as a tool to both measure and monitor the media ecosystem, in terms of its sustainability across key contributing forces – and more. This tool has the power to model how changes in the ecosystem impact on media sustainability in specific countries or blocs, and also to estimate how the media environment impacts on other spheres of society, including those identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Media Sustainability Barometer draws on data from 18 database sources and a panel survey, and employs advanced statistical methods to construct a quantitative index to measure and model the media ecosystem. The Barometer has been piloted specifically for the UK, and more generally for the G7 and BRIC countries.

Authors: Fran├žois Nel and Coral Milburn-Curtis

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2018 Global Innovation Research Group Nel, F. & Milburn-Curtis, C. research report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 3 index Download/link

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