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Source Year Country Organisation Author
Women Journalists and Freedom of Expression: Discrimination and gender-based violence faced by women journalists in the exercise of their profession 2018 Americas Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Lanza, E.
Gender Equality in the Media Sector 2018 Austria, Malta, Sweden, United Kingdom European Parliament McCracken, K. et al.
Female Journalists in Syria: Reality and Challenges 2017 Syria Syrian Journalists Association Syrian Journalists Association
More and more women give colour to community radio in Bangladesh 2017 Bangladesh Free Press Unlimited Rooijen, L. and de Blocq van Schelting, J.
Being a Female Journalist in Pakistan 2017 Pakistan Free Press Unlimited Vis, A.
A Study of the Diversity of Newsrooms in Nepal 2017 Nepal NEFEJ NEFEJ
Journalistic and leadership skills for women in Nigeria 2017 Nigeria Free Press Unlimited Tsegaye, B.
Baseline Study on the Working Conditions of Somali Women Journalists 2017 Somalia Somali Women Journalists, IMS Somali Women Journalists, IMS
Gender in the Belarusian media landscape 2017 Belarus Fojo Media Institute Jerzdeva, E.
Evaluation Gender Media Monitoring Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo Free Press Unlimited Douma, N.
Turn Up the Volume: Empowering Women Through Media 2016 Global BBC Media Action Casserly, J.
Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape 2016 Myanmar Fojo Media Institute Handunnetti, D. & Phyu Phyu Lin, N.