A Study of the Diversity of Newsrooms in Nepal

This report focuses on the representation of women and marginalized groups in the workforce of weekly and daily newspapers, FM radio and TV. 139 media outlets form 15 districts were surveyed. In terms of gender representation, 18% had no female staff at all. Of those that did, 81.3% had less than 3. On the other hand, one organization, Nagarik, had over 22 female staff.
Looking at caste and ethnic differentiation, the majority of staff, especially those in higher levels is Bahun/Chhetri, and the least represented groups are Madhesi Dalit and Tharu.
Media outlets were asked about the importance of newsroom diversity, to which 69% responded they believed a lack of diversity does not impact news collection and dissemination of information to marginalized groups. 9 media organizations claimed to have a diversity policy now, and 43.2% of respondents showed interest in having one.

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Year Country Organisation Author Type
2017 Nepal NEFEJ NEFEJ research report
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Intermediate Outcome 3 diversity, gender, newsrooms Download/link