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In this evidence base you can find relevant research and reports that are at the base of the work of Free Press Unlimited. Use the search filters to find what you need, or use “SEARCH” in the top menu.

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Source Year Country Organisation Author
Understanding Information disorder 2019 Global First Draft Wardle, C.
Financing Dies in Darkness? The Impact of Newspaper Closures on Public Finance 2019 United States of America Gao, P. et al.
Final report of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation 2018 Global High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation
The Constructive Role of Journalism. Contentious metadiscourse on constructive journalism and solutions journalism 2018 Global Stanford University Aitamurto, J. and Varma, A.
Media Pluralism, Public Trust, and Democracy: New Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean 2018 Caribbean, Latin America Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) Rodríguez, M. and Zechmeister, E.
Appropriating technology for accountability: messages from Making All Voices Count 2018 Global Institute of Development Studies (IDS) McGee, R. et al.
Checking facts and fighting back: Why journalists should defend their profession 2018 United States of America Pingree, R.J. et al.
Final Evaluation Speak Up Zambia 2018 Zambia Free Press Unlimited Concha de la, J.
Media behaviour of young people in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova: Belarusian Analytical Workroom 2018 Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine Free Press Unlimited Vardomatski, A.
Global Teamwork: The Rise Of Collaboration In Investigative Journalism 2018 Global Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Sambrook, R.
Internal Evaluation Indonesia Country Programme 2018 Indonesia Free Press Unlimited Free Press Unlimited
Internal Evaluation Iraq Country Programme 2018 Iraq Free Press Unlimited Schoot Uiterkamp, T.