The Chilling: A Global Study of Online Violence Against Women Journalists

This book is a global study on online violence against women journalists. Itt draws on the testimonies of more than 850 international women journalists who were surveyed and interviewed by a team of international researchers led by ICFJ’s research division.

The book also includes three big data case studies that take readers into the core of online violence storms through an analysis of nearly 3 million social media posts. The case studies, undertaken in collaboration with University of Sheffield computer scientists, focus on the experiences of three women journalists: Maria Ressa, Carole Cadwallar and Marianna Spring.

The full study includes the following:

  • 35 key findings that point to the need for responses to online violence to be strengthened in technological sophistication and collaborative coordination;
  • 106 recommendations for action tailored for intergovernmental organizations, States, Big Tech, the news industry, legal and judicial actors, and civil society;
  • A 25-step tool for developing online violence responses that respect freedom of expression;
  • Analysis of 10 global trends in gender-based online violence;
  • A taxonomy of 12 globally recognizable types and methods of attack to prepare for;
  • A detailed assessment of international legal frameworks for addressing gender-based online violence against women journalists, as the UN recasts its decade-old Plan of Action for the Safety of Journalists.

Editors: Julie Posetti & Nabeelah Shabbir

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2022 Global International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) book
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