The 50:50 Project

The 50:50 Project is a grassroots initiative designed to inspire and assist BBC content-makers to represent women and men equally in their content.It is the biggest ever collective action to increase women’s representation in BBC content. This report provides evidence of progress to date and of the BBC’s ongoing commitment to the 50:50 Project as the Corporation strives to improve the representation of women in our journalism and media content. For teams who have been part of the initiative for 12 months or more, 74% reached 50% female representation in April 2019. A clear majority of the remaining 26% were above 40% female representation.This report maps the entry points for media reformers in the OGP process, and highlights a series of recommendations for how take advantage of these entry points

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2019 United Kingdom BBC BBC evaluation
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2 gender, media content, representation Download/link