SACMID Evaluation: An Evaluation of SACMID’s activities within the PRIMED Project

The South Asia Center for Media in Development (SACMID) addresses gender disparity both within the workplace and media content. Its main focus is utilizing the Gender Media Monitoring Tool to tackle these issues. The data collected through media monitoring is subsequently employed for advocacy initiatives involving multiple stakeholders.

The paper aims to evaluate the project activities carried out by SACMID within PRIMED (Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development), focusing on their efforts to promote gender sensitivity in the media sector in Bangladesh. The primary objective is to assess the effectiveness of SACMID’s interventions by examining the degree to which the monitored outlets as well as stakeholders within the media sector have seen positive changes by themselves or in the sector a whole when it comes to the level of gender sensitive content reporting (and gender sensitivity in the newsrooms). It also looks into the level of success in SACMID’s attempt to establish itself as a known stakeholder on gender and media in Bangladesh. Hence the research questions are:

  1. To what extent have SACMID’s efforts influenced positive changes in Bangladeshi media outlets and other stakeholders in relation to gender sensitivity in media content and within the newsroom?
  2. To what extent has SACMID managed to meet the professional and due diligence standards of international donors?

In this report, the primary objective is to examine the lessons derived from the project and gain insights into its extent, strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities for the future.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2023 Bangladesh Free Press Unlimited (FPU) Mens, P. & Saraswat, A. evaluation
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2 Bangladesh, gender disparity, gender media monitoring, media content, workplace Download/link