Rewrite Her Story: How Film and Media Stereotypes Affect the Lives and Leadership Ambitions of Girls and Young Women

This report analyses the the 56 top-grossing films from across 20 countries. The overall make-up of the characters in the 2018 top-grossing films analysed reflect the films’ producers rather than their audience: they are white, male and middle-class. Girls and young women have told us clearly that they are influenced by what they see on screen. And the underlying messages of the films analysed have changed little for decades: male characters dominate the storylines; women leaders, where they do exist, may be portrayed as intelligent, likeable and effective but they are also sexualised and objectified; female leadership is rare and at national level women leaders are not up to the job.

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2019 Global Plan international, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Plan international, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media report
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