Reset Required? Evaluatinging the Media Freedom Coalition after its first two years

This is an evaluation of the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC) in its first two years of operation, from 2019 to 2021. The MFC is a partnership of 50 countries working together to advocate for media freedom and the safety of journalists. The report is based on over 100 interviews with relevant stakeholders; analyses of news coverage, social media commentary and public statements; and a survey of media freedom campaigners – as well as detailed case studies in Sudan and the Philippines. While the Media Freedom Coalition has taken some positive steps (i.a. attracting a relatively large membership and establishing collegiate ways of working) it is only partially achieving its objectives. According to the authors: “its working methods have been slow and lacking transparency, its communications poor, its financial commitments small, and its political impacts have been minimal.” The authors advise a re-set and re-injection of energy and funds in the next two to three years if it is to achieve its original aims. The MFC has been assessed and awarded a mark for each of the MFC’s five main objectives: promoting accountability, creating internal accountability, working together, ‘shining a spotlight’ on media freedom; developing and defending the media.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2022 Global University of East Anglia, City University of London and University of the Philippines-Diliman Myers, M; Scott, M; Bunce, M; Yassin, L; Fernandez, M.C.; Khan, R. evaluation
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Intermediate Outcome 1 advocacy, coalition, freedom, journalist, media, safety Download/link