Radios in the post-pandemic world – tools and strategies to confront the new normal

The report focuses on community media in Latin America in the post-pandemic world.

What will the role of community media be in the “new normal”? How will they communicate in a world that, in some regards, will no longer be the same world which they knew; a world where inequalities will have deepened?

In the first section of this report, a set of tools for content production, recording and transmission is introduced. Beyond simply providing a list of software already used by radios—such as audio editing and broadcast automation software—this manual’s aim is to develop a comprehensive proposal for decentralized and collaborative forms of working.

In the manual’s second part, it goes on to discuss ten strategies that radios can use in their communication practices to guarantee freedom of opinion and access to information and that should allow them to establish a relevant position in the post-pandemic media panorama.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Latin America Deutsche Welle Akademie Binder, I. & Gago, S. report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 3 communication practices, community radio, Latin America, post-pandemic world Download/link