No Excuse for Abuse: What Social Media Companies Can Do Now to Combat Online Harassment and Empower Users

Many writers, journalists, and other creative and media professionals increasingly rely on social media to do their work and to make their voices heard. However, to be on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can mean facing near-constant attacks—including violent threats, hateful slurs, and sexual harassment—from abusive trolls of every stripe. The most targeted by far are those who identify as women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and as members of religious or ethnic minorities.

No Excuse for Abuse proposes concrete, actionable changes that social media companies should make immediately to the design of their platforms to better protect and support their users—while safeguarding free expression. In this report, PEN America argues that social media platforms can take steps now to proactively reduce risk and exposure, empower targeted users and their allies, and raise the costs for abusers.

Editor: Susan Chumsky

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2021 United States of America PEN America PEN America report
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