Nations in Transit 2020: Dropping the Democratic Facade

The annual Nations in Transit report has monitored democratic erosion since 1995. This 2020 report records the democratic improvements and declines in 29 countries within the region stretching from Central Europe to Central Asia.

In consultation with country report authors, a panel of expert advisers, and a group of regional expert reviewers, Freedom House provides numerical ratings for each country on seven indicators: National Democratic Governance, Electoral Process, Civil Society, Independent Media, Local Democratic Governance, Judicial Framework and Independence and Corruption.

A growing number of leaders around the world have dropped even the pretense of playing by the rules of democracy. These developments have contributed to a stunning democratic breakdown from January 1st – December 31st 2019 in the 29 countries covered. There are fewer democracies in the region today than at any point since the annual report was launched in 1995. The erosion has left citizens especially vulnerable to further rights abuses and power grabs associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Global Freedom House Csaky, Z. research report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 1, Intermediate Outcome 2 access to justice, civic space, civil society, corruption, democracy, elections Download/link