More Important, But Less Robust? Five Things Everybody Needs to Know about the Future of Journalism

In this report five current and future trends are analysed. From the executive summary the four trends that influence media viability:

“1. (…) media still create the news agenda, but platform companies control access to audiences;
2. (…) automated serendipity and incidental exposure drive people to more and more diverse sources of information;
3. (…) journalism is often losing the battle for people’s attention, and in some countries, for the public’s trust;
4. (…) business models that fund news are challenged (…) leaving news media more vulnerable to commercial and political pressures.”

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2018 Global Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Neilsen, R.K. & Selva, M. report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 1, Intermediate Outcome 3 trends Download/link