Mapping the Syrian Media. An evaluation for the active emerging outlets and institutions after 2011

This study seeks to map the currently active Syrian media institutions and outlets, also, to assess the institutional reality of the emerged ones after 2011 and their needs on several levels.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) launched a survey study to redraw the map of the effective Syrian media and institutions and contribute to shaping the overall media landscape in Syria and forming public opinion and directing it, until the date of completing the study, including the means established before the Syrian revolution. As the study deliberately surveyed the Syrian media means and institutions and dividing them systematically according to their media style, geographical spread, the nature of their ownership, the date of their establishment and the languages they use, as a first stage, the study specified the second stage for a general evaluation of the institutional reality of emerging media after 2011 and their needs, according to specific changes, in order to reach an accurate knowledge about its institutional reality (administrative, organizational, legal, financial) and its needs to be able to create a new media style in Syria.


Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Syria Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression report, research report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2, Intermediate Outcome 3 audience, case studies, conflict, media sector Download/link