Mamas in the Newsroom: Women’s Journalism Against Sexual Violence in Eastern Congo

This article analyses the performance and professional culture of journalists in situations of armed conflict, based on the results of research using qualitative techniques and conducted in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (2008–09) and Europe (2010–14), focusing on the case of the Congolese media women. It investigates the case of the Association of Media Women of South Kivu (AFEM-SK) in order to create greater awareness of the new African mediascapes and the emerging roles of women in journalism. The local Congolese organization has been fighting for women’s rights and against sexual violence through radio for more than a decade and is becoming a paradigmatic case of media activism and women’s rights on the African continent.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2017 Democratic Republic of Congo García-Mingo, E. academic paper
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Intermediate Outcome 2 conflict, conflict reporting, equality, gender, public, radio, watchdog, women Download/link