Making Waves: Media’s Potential for Girls in the Global South

This policy briefing argues that media — whether traditional or online — matters a great deal in the lives of girls in the developing world. It matters because it has the ability to be harmful to girls’ interests and self-esteem, and it matters because it can also be so effective in playing a positive role in girls’ lives. Specifically, media can influence girls’ aspirations and behaviours around their health and livelihoods, open the door to greater participation in society and ensure that girls’ issues move higher up the public agenda. If challenges around media access and control are addressed head on and girls come to be valued as an audience, then media can play a vital role in helping to advance the well-being of adolescent girls in regions of the world where their interests have traditionally been most neglected.

Author: Caroline Sugg

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2014 Global BBC Media Action Sugg, C. policy brief
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Intermediate Outcome 2 audience, gender, gender equality, girls, media access, participation Download/link