Long Trace – The Impacts of Tempo Joint Investigative Coverages (2016-2020)

A report into the social change brought about by Tempo Institute’s commitment to investigative journalism.

In 2016, Free Press Unlimited helped Tempo Institute (the NGO arm of Tempo Media Group) establish a fellowship programme for investigative journalists. This report reflects upon the achievements and learnings from that investigative initiative. Some of the key elements explained in this report include the positive involvement of Civil Society Organisations (such as Indonesia Corruption Watch) and the extensive impact tracking following the publication of investigative stories.

This report illustrates the power independent media can have upon society if it is supported. The investigative fellows were able to act as watchdogs for their societies by exposing power abuses, fostering accountability and increasing civic space.



Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Indonesia Tempo Institute Tajudin, Q. et al evaluation
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 2 civic space, civil society, impact, independent media, investigative journalism, power-holders Download/link