Journalists’ Views and Perceptions on Judicial Transparency: A Comparative Study in Three Western Balkans Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia

This study is part of the regional project “Strengthening Media Freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia” that is funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It presents the findings from the regional research project conducted among journalists from three Western Balkans countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia. The main objective was to gain insight and identify means of facilitating dialogue and cooperation between journalists and judicial authorities in these countries and to establish priority areas and actions for transforming the current “antagonistic” relationship into a partnership for the benefit of the public. At a regional level, this is the first comprehensive study that comparatively examines the various aspects and causes of the tense relationship between these two professions, both of which are exceptionally important for a democratic society.

Author: Snežana Trpevska

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Year Country Organisation Author Type
2022 Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia Research Institute on Social Development (RESIS) Trpevska, S. report
Theory of Change Keywords Download/link
Intermediate Outcome 1 judicial institutions, judicial transparency, judiciary, western balkans Download/link