Journalists’ Experience and Views on Judicial Transparency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This study is part of the regional project “Strengthening Media Freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia” that is funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and Free Press Unlimited in partnership with regional partners: BH Journalist Association, the Association of Journalists Macedonia and the Independent Journalists’Association of Serbia.

This report presents the findings of a survey conducted among journalists from various media outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of these journalists report – to a certain extent – on the work of judicial institutions or have some experience with judicial institutions.

The main goal of this study was to gain insight into the complex issues of the relationship between journalism and the judiciary from the research conducted among journalists from various media outlets in Serbia, who either regularly report about the work of judicial institutions or have certain experience and perceptions about the role of the judiciary. The main objective of this research was to gain insight and provide recommendations on how to facilitate as well as to improve the dialogue and cooperation between the judiciary and to make recommendations on how to strengthen dialog and cooperation between journalists and the judiciary. Also, this study seeks to identify priority areas and activities for the transformation of the existing antagonistic relationship into a partnership between journalists and judicial institutions in the best interest of the public.

Author: Amer Džihana
Reviewer: Emir Habul

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Year Country Organisation Author Type
2022 Bosnia-Herzegovina Association of BH Journalists Džihana, A. report
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Intermediate Outcome 1 judicial institutions, judicial transparency, judiciary, western balkans Download/link