Journalists and Safety Training: Experiences and Opinions

This survey covered a wide range of journalists around the world about the safety trainings they attended, the skills they acquired and the gaps between these trainings and their professional needs on the ground.  The report examines the various approaches to journalism safety training; how journalists assess their training experiences; and the systematic gaps and other issues suggested by their assessments.
Sample limitations: These results do not necessarily reflect the needs of younger journalists or of local journalists permanently residing in hostile environments. The overwhelming majority of journalists who responded to this survey were news professionals with many years of experience and multiple deployments in crisis zones.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2017 Global Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma Research Lab Shapiro, B. (Ed.) report
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Intermediate Outcome 3 digital safety, digital security, first aid, journalist safety, psychocial safety, psychosocial trauma, safety training Download/link