Is There a Link Between Media and Good Governance? What the Academics Say

Does the existence of a responsible, balanced press improve governance and reduce corruption? Is the state more accountable in countries with a pluralistic media? Is the media democracy’s magic bullet? These questions are much debated, but in the media development-community the dominant view is generally “yes.” A free media system does indeed go hand in hand with good governance and democracy. But where is the evidence? Does this apply everywhere and in all circumstances? And what does the empirical research show? This report looks at the work of some of the most-quoted academics in the field of media and governance, with the aim of presenting some key issues about the connection between mass media and democracy in a brief and accessible way.


Author: Dr Mary Myers.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2012 Global Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) Myers, M. research report
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Intermediate Outcome 2 accountability, corruption, good governance, watchdog journalism Download/link