Investigating the killing of journalist Regina Martínez Pérez

“The murder of Regina Martínez Pérez: An opportunity for justice”

A new report into the murder of Regina Martínez Pérez finds strong indications for obstruction of justice by local authorities.

Regina Martínez Pérez was a prolific journalist from the state of Veracruz in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. Since 2006, Veracruz has seen a particularly high rate of journalist murders, and on 28 April 2012, Regina Martínez Pérez was brutally murdered in her home in the city of Xalapa.

The police investigation into her murder has been heavily criticized by various experts and observers, pointing to significant anomalies in the official investigation. To address the many questions around the official investigation and in an attempt to uncover the truth around the murder, we conducted our own investigation into the case, as part of the A Safer World For The Truth project.

The A Safer World For The Truth investigation team of Free Press Unlimited thoroughly reviewed the official case files (expedientes) and interviewed key witnesses. Findings from the investigation raise further questions concerning the accuracy and legitimacy of the official investigation into Regina Martínez Pérez’ murder. They also identified several leads that require further investigation. They found strong indications for obstruction of justice by local authorities and now call on Mexican federal authorities to re-open and attract the case and bring the killers to justice.

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2021 Mexico Free Press Unlimited A Safer World For The Truth research report
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