Impact of the 2015 Universal Periodic Review on Press Freedom in Nepal

In July 2020, Freedom Forum and Free Press Unlimited submitted a joint stakeholder submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council for Nepal‘s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), the human rights ‘exam’ of UN Member States. In preparation, the impact of previous recommendations, made by UN Member States that were accepted by the government of Nepal, were analysed through desk research and interviews. Multiple Nepali civil society actors commented on the most pressing issues regarding Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom in Nepal. This report, reviewed by our partner Freedom Forum, has been annexed to the UPR submission.
Author: Meenal Thakur
Supervisor: Michael Pavicic
Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Nepal Free Press Unlimited Thakur, M. policy recommendations, report
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Intermediate Outcome 1 UPR Nepal Download/link