Finding A Voice, Seeking Justice: The barriers women face to reporting corruption in the European Union

This analysis reveals that deeply ingrained discriminatory and gender-based factors impede women’s ability to report corruption, and seek and obtain redress. Due to their social roles, childcare and housework responsibilities, as well as gendered income inequalities, women lack the financial and time resources to report corruption and access justice. They tend to be less aware of their rights and of where and how to report corruption, and often have a weaker voice to demand accountability.

To address these challenges, the position paper calls upon the governments and anticorruption practitioners in the EU to provide accessible, affordable, safe, credible, effective and gender-sensitive reporting mechanisms that take into consideration the specific challenges women face when reporting corruption in this region.

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2021 Europe Transparency International Transparency International research report
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Intermediate Outcome 2 barriers for women, EU, gendered patterns, reporting corruption, reporting mechanisms Download/link