Experiencing ‘New Normal’: Exploring Digital Media Usage of Dhaka Dwellers in the Lockdown Period

In cooperation with the University of Dhaka, the South Asia Center for Media in Development (SACMID) carried out research into the use of media during the COVID-19 lockdown in Dhaka. The objectives of the research were as follows:
  • To assess the accessibility of the participants to digital services during an emergency situation like the pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus;
  • To assess the adaptability (level of competency) of the users;
  • To explore their purposes and pattern of digital media use;
  • To identify challenges and opportunities for further upgrading of the networked environment of the country

Authors: Dr. A.S.M. Asudazzaman & Syed Kamrul Hasan

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2020 Bangladesh South Asia Center for Media in Development (SACMID) Asudazzaman, A.S.M. & Hasan, S.K. academic paper
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