Equally Safe: Towards a Feminist Approach to the Safety of Journalists

This report focuses on the questions what feminist approaches to the protection of journalists look like, and what benefits they might bring. The research findings, which form the basis of the report, aim to explore how feminist practices have been, are being, and can be applied to improve all women journalists’ safety worldwide; bridge international legal and policy frameworks on the safety of journalists with the practical approaches being adopted on the ground; and catalyse a conversation about how – together – we can move towards feminist approaches to the safety of journalists.

From national organisations to grassroots networks, this report documents women’s monumental efforts to make structural changes, tackle entrenched patterns of gender-based discrimination and violence, and enhance the safety of women journalists

Authors: Jennifer Robinson & Dr Keina Yoshida

Year Country Organisation Author Type
2022 Global Article 19 Robinson, J. & Yoshida, K. report
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Intermediate Outcome 1, Intermediate Outcome 3 feminism, safety of women journalists, women journalists Download/link